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EDS Network Working in schools

EDS is a school friendly company, we understand the importance of safety and quality in school projects and all staff who work on projects in schools are CRB checked and carefully trained.

Alex’s extensive experience working in schools ensures that EDS is up to date with best working practices for work in schools. Working practices relating to situations such as using ladders and handling tools appropriately around children as well as ensuring convenient working times for the school day are of paramount importance to use.

EDS ensures that specific school-based knowledge are applied to installations and equipment. Issues such as ensuring equipment is vandal-proof and sturdy and the most appropriate types of cable containment to guarantee they cannot be tampered with are important considerations.

In 2011, EDS installed all the data and security elements for a new school build at Heart of England School, Balsall Common. This included data cabling, wireless networkinstallation, CCTV, a door-entry system and the AV installations in the classrooms. This large-scale project demonstrates the large base of expertise that EDS has in a school setting.

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